Kits available in the HGEC library


The following are a few of the social literacy kits we often promote for use with small group, whole class or whole school systems.  You can book these through the HGEC library, please ask your DBRT for more information.

Whole Body Listening Larry (3 kits)


The Zones of Regulation (5 kits)


Bucket Filling- Social Responsibility Lessons (9 kits)

 -Click link to access the ACT Richmond website for grade level lesson sets, posters, etc.

Getting Started with Social Thinking- aka: Super Flex (7 kits)


Social Skills Literacy Kits A & B (A-5 kits, B-4 copies)


Kit A:


·        I am a booger, treat me with respect

·        Soda pop head

·        It’s hard to be a verb

·        My mouth is a volcano (+activity and idea book)

·        The worst day of my life ever

·        A bad case of the tattle tongue (+ activity book)

·        Sorry, I forgot to ask

·        Personal space camp (+ activity and idea book)

·        I just don’t like the sound of no

·        Making friends is an art

·        Wilma Jean the worry machine (+ activity and idea book)

Kit B:

·        Squirmy wormy – I learned to help myself

·        Don’t squeal unless it’s a big deal

·        David gets in trouble

·        The recess queen

·        How to lose all your friends

·        First day jitters

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