Renee Gurnsey


The District Behaviour Resource Teacher is a position that is designed to build capacity of schools to respond positively and with a variety of strategies to meet the behavioural and learning needs of students in the Intensive Behaviour and Moderate Behaviour categories within the regular classroom.


  • Working with teachers to develop strategies to meet the needs of students with behavioural problems in the regular classroom
  • Observing students in classrooms and assisting with the completion of Functional Behaviour Assessments with a Plan
  • Modeling and team teaching strategies in the classroom
  • Developing and helping to implement effective behaviour plans and interventions
  • Assisting the school in developing a school wide positive approach to behaviour
  • Providing professional development for school district employees to build capacity to meet the needs of students with behavioural difficulties
  • Working as a team member with school and district personnel to meet the needs of students with behavioural difficulties
  • Developing strategies to differentiate instruction for students with behavioural difficulties
  • Assessing the effectiveness of interventions and changing the behaviour plan in consultation with the school if needed
  • Attending District Case Conferences when appropriate

Referral Process:

The District Behaviour Resource Teachers (DBRTs) work collaboratively with your School and Family Consultant, and have been assigned to specific schools. Should you require the services of your school’s DBRT you may contact us directly via email or by phoning the Henry Grube, however; it is recommended that this be done in collaboration with your LART and/or administration. 

Schools (1.0FTE): In addition to Kindergarten Transition Planning I support students and staff at Juniper Ridge, Summit, and McGowan.


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